HR Strategy

Labor as part of the company strategy

What role does the factor of labor play in the definition of the company strategy? Are the costs in line with the earnings model, now and in the future? Does the organisation have the right capacities and competencies, or should these be developed? Focus Orange translates the company strategy into a people strategy. This people strategy will only be effective if it is understood and embraced. For us, the ultimate test is to what degree employees feel committed to the organisation, its objectives, culture and proposition. Especially for organisations in transformation, it is crucial to know whether they can continue with their current proposition to their employees in the future.

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Focus Orange supports organisations in their role as employer, starting with a human resources strategy that fits the company strategy.

Measurable added value

Focus Orange cooperates with management and HR management to gain insight into the human resources strategy, set priorities in the HR agenda and to show the results as added value for the organisational objectives.

Our solutions

Our advice is target-oriented. Our solutions combine multiple areas of expertise. They are aimed at the strategic added-value of employment.