Our method

We help employers create a policy in the field of compensation, pensions, and total rewards. Our analyses and advice have a quantitative foundation and are supported where possible by Crunchr, the technology that allows us to report and analyse human resources data. We believe in modern and innovative approaches to employment, which yield measurable results in co-creation with employees.

Our consultancy is

Data gedreven


We do not help clients with what we think, but with what we know. Our solutions are always supported by data and analysis. To achieve this, we use innovative techniques and our technology platform Crunchr, and we collaborate with experts in data science and business analytics.



Our objective is to optimise the investments made in people. The interest of the organisation is key to this. Focussed on the optimal deployment of the labour factor, widely supported by employees. We always work from an organisational, employee and financial perspective.

Met de klant

With the client

Our definition of cooperation: realising a result in the most effective and efficient manner. This could be via a shared analysis, by joining the client in-house temporarily, or even by completely outsourcing a project. We commit to a result, both in terms of project approach and compensation.

International services

In addition to our service on the Dutch market, we also have experience with international clients. Our Focus Orange Global Services team in the Netherlands consists of local professionals that are ready to serve organisations worldwide. For international assignments and activities outside the Netherlands, we cooperate with our certified partners in the Buck global network.

Team Focus Orange

About Focus Orange

The origins of Focus Orange lie in New York: a bit of Dutch down-to-earthness in a world of HR consultancy dominated by conceptual, unrecognisable powerpoints. When founder Dirk Jonker returned to the Netherlands in 2011, Camiel Selker, Ronal Doornbos and Raymond Welmers joined him. Their mission: to make human resources relevant to organisations again, driven by data and in cooperation with the client.

With over 50 dedicated employees, technology spin-out Crunchr, and over 150 enthusiastic clients, we continue working on realising this mission and our dream.

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