A change of pension provider


If the contract with your pension provider is about to end, the time for evaluation has come. Does your provider still suit your changed population and organisation? Do other pension providers offer lower costs and/or better service? Or are you looking for a provider that fits the newly-agreed-upon pension commitment?


Our approach

Based on (the decision regarding) the pension commitment, we help you research which type of pension provider is most suitable ꟷ Defined Contribution Pension Institution, General Pension Fund, Industrial Sector Pension Fund, insurer or alternative type ꟷ and help you select the most suitable provider. This method entails:

  • Identifying specific needs and criteria;
  • A first selection based on our knowledge of the market;
  • Assess tenders on quantitative and qualitative aspects;
  • Beauty parade after further selection of tenders;
  • Negotiating better and sharper terms and conditions, followed by a final selection;
  • Assisting with the transfer of accrued benefits to the new (or different) pension provider.


A future-proof and modern pension provider, which provides a high-quality pension plan for your employees at a competitive price.

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Our solutions

Our advice is target-oriented. Our solutions combine multiple areas of expertise. They are aimed at the strategic added-value of employment.