A fitting job structure


An effective HR policy requires a job structure that provides structure to the various roles and responsibilities in a consistent yet flexible manner. That job structure should always allow for organisational growth, structure adjustment, or the agile approach. Which job structure suits our organisation and our development?


Our approach

Focus Orange takes the following steps when creating or adjusting a job structure:

  • Specifying the intended purposes of the new job grading and structure, based on the envisioned organisational and employee development, matching the organisational identity;
  • Identifying the desired connections between the job grading and structure, and the rewards policy and talent and performance management;
  • Present the choices to be made regarding the altered job grading methodology and job structure;
  • Designing a consultation and communication plan to ensure employee (delegation) involvement during the entire process of change;
  • Produce and instruct on the use of a tool which enables the organisation to easily and autonomously grade (new) jobs.


The organisation has a solid, recognisable and flexible job structure with a corresponding job evaluation methodology that it can manage independently. This job structure has both generic as well as organisation-specific dimensions. The methodology is simple and does not make any concessions to quality and soundness.

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