A measurable human resource strategy


An unique human resources strategy offers a competitive advantage: the available resources allow for the deployment of more talent and the realisation of more growth potential. How much do we focus on reward and how much on matters like employer branding, talent development or work environment? And how do we measure whether these focus areas optimally serve the strategic objectives?


Our approach

Focus Orange helps to make the  HR strategy measurable and to quantitatively assess whether it meets the principles of the company strategy. To that end:

  • We analyse the implications of the organisational strategy for the workforce and assess whether the HR strategy addresses these effects;
  • From the HR strategy we determine concrete and measurable organisation and HR targets;
  • Based on the organisational strategy we prioritize these targets.

We advise and provide support in case of interventions in the various HR domains where objectives are insufficiently realised. The organisation can measure and analyse the results itself with the intuitive software solution  Crunchr.


The organisation has quantified insight in the impact and effectiveness of their human resources on the organisational strategy and knows where to implement targeted interventions to contribute to achieving organisational objectives.

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Our solutions

Our advice is target-oriented. Our solutions combine multiple areas of expertise. They are aimed at the strategic added-value of employment.