An attractive value proposition


In a tight talent market, a distinguishing proposition is required to attract the talent necessary for realising your strategy. What are those talents looking for, and how can we achieve an optimal proposition that fits the financial framework and principles of the organisation?

Our approach

Focus Orange will help you compile an ‘Employee Value Proposition’ that includes both compensation and non-monetary elements like development, autonomy or challenge, and which, according to our Preference tool, should yield the highest possible appreciation from the employee. To that end:

  • We identify employee preferences regarding their ‘Total Rewards’-package;
  • Translate the ‘Employee Value Proposition’ into concrete ‘Total Rewards’-components and programs, which fit the target group in terms of content(what), design(how) and communication (channel);
  • Determine the available budget and optimize it by effective reallocation of each element;
  • Orchestrate a co-creation process where organisational priorities and employee preferences are combined in an optimally differentiated proposition, that is widely supported.


The Employee Value Proposition and its translation into a consistent Total Rewards package is tailored to the organisation, properly communicated and widely supported. It optimally suits the preferences of employees, corresponds to the identity of the organisation and fits within the available budget.

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Our solutions

Our advice is target-oriented. Our solutions combine multiple areas of expertise. They are aimed at the strategic added-value of employment.