Insight into human resource implications of organisational strategy


In dynamic, quickly-changing markets, organisations face the essential question of how they can actually develop or attract the required capacities and competencies required to implement their strategy. And how to get rid of possible bottlenecks, now or in the future. After all, a shortage of the right people is the biggest bottleneck in the implementation of a strategy.


Our method

We provide guidance in the validation and analysis of the required data and, based on that analysis, in answering the three core questions:

  • Is het personeelsbestand in staat om de strategie uit te voeren, op welke onderdelen is ontwikkeling of werving van nieuwe competenties nodig?
  • Wat is de meest effectieve manier om de benodigde competenties en capaciteiten aan te trekken?
  • Is het mogelijk om zelfstandig de benodigde competenties te ontwikkelen en zo ja, tegen welke kosten en op welke termijn?


The way the labour factor fits the strategy implementation is quantitatively comprehensible to the top management of the organisation. For HR management, the priorities are clear and measurable, so interventions can be aimed at solving the biggest bottlenecks.

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Our solutions

Our advice is target-oriented. Our solutions combine multiple areas of expertise. They are aimed at the strategic added-value of employment.