Pre-deal inventory of risks and labour costs


When an acquisition, merger or demerger approaches, organisations require insight into their current and future labour costs. A due diligence assessment offers these insights. The hidden costs of retirement and long-term remuneration are especially significant. This also goes for the future implications and risks of, for example, job structures or talent and performance programmes.


Our method

Focus Orange creates the required insight for the purchaser or seller through:

  • Inventarisatie van bestaande arbeidsvoorwaarden van werknemers die overgaan en een gap-analyse met de beoogde geharmoniseerde arbeidsvoorwaarden;
  • Identificatie van alle risico’s en hun impact op de (ver)koopprijs, met betrekking tot zowel schulden vanuit het verleden, als toekomstige (extra) personeelskosten;
  • Verkenning van mogelijke carve-out of andere overgangsproblemen en ontwerp van oplossingen daarvoor;
  • Inventarisatie van overige HR-aspecten zoals gevolgen voor functiehuis en talent- en performancemanagement en opstellen van een plan voor de aanpak daarvan.

Following the decisions made based on this, we offer support during the creation of a discussion and communication plan in order to involve relevant stakeholders with the transition and the post-deal harmonisation process.


Full insight into the total-rewards-related costs and risks and their impact on the sale or purchase price as a basis for effective (price) negotiations and/or a responsible decision regarding a merger, acquisition or demerger and the corresponding harmonisation process.

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Our solutions

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