Pre-deal inventory of risks and labour costs


In the build-up to an acquisition, merger or demerger, organisations require insight into their current and future labour costs. A due diligence assessment offers these insights. The hidden costs of retirement and long-term benefits are especially significant. This also applies to the future implications and risks of, for example, job structures or talent and performance programs.


Our approach

Focus Orange provides the required insight for the purchaser or seller by:

  • Listing the current terms of employment of employees involved, and analyse the gap between the current and desired terms of employment;
  • Identifying all risks and their impact on the deal price, regarding both (past) debts, as well as future (additional) personnel expenses;
  • Identifying potential carve-out or other transitional issues and designing solutions for these issues;
  • Identifying other HR related items such as consequences for job structure and performance management and designing a plan of action to deal with these aspects.

Following the decisions made based on this, we offer support in designing a consent and communication plan in order to involve relevant stakeholders in the transition and the post-deal harmonisation process.


Full insight into the total-rewards-related costs and risks and their impact on the sale or purchase price as a basis for effective (price) negotiations and/or a solid decision regarding a merger, acquisition or demerger and the corresponding harmonisation process.

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