(Re)designing the retirement plan


A retirement plan regularly requires attention for various reasons. You may not have one yet, or you may need to combine multiple plans. The retirement plan may be outdated, or may not fit the total rewards. Accounting rules may hurt or the costs for extending/continuing the current retirement plan may be increasing disproportionally.


Our approach

Focus Orange coaches organisations during the implementation or change of their retirement plan(s) through:

  • Identifying specific needs and criteria;
  • Testing against market practice using our annual pension benchmark;
  • Provide insight into costs, risks and expected benefits of several alternative schemes;
  • Stakeholder management, which is essential in order for the change and implementation of a new pension plan to be successful;
  • Assisting with employee communication.


A retirement plan that is future-proof and suits the demands and wishes of all stakeholders, after a satisfactory negotiation process with (representatives of) the employees.

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Our solutions

Our advice is target-oriented. Our solutions combine multiple areas of expertise. They are aimed at the strategic added-value of employment.