Anna-Léa Lesage

Anna-Léa Lesage

Software Engineer | People Analytics

As a software engineer I work mainly on the back-end of our software where I develop the, often quite complex, queries which are used to fetch the data from the database. Lately I’ve taken a liking into Test oriented programming. I also have a hand in the visualisation of the data via the graph.

I define myself as a multi-functional swiss-knife. I have studied Space engineering and did a PhD in astronomy, which are absolutely not related to HR. But the analysis methods remain the same whatever field, and as such I bring a fresh eye to the team. I enjoy it most when I’m given a complex question. It’s not only the part of resolving the issue which is rewarding, but also making the solution as clear as possible to my team and the end-user.

I’m a fervent book-worm with a keen interest in female literature. And when I’m tired of sitting around I go either pole-dance or climbing.