Daan Bakker

Daan Bakker

Software Engineer | People analytics

As a software engineer I am involved in all parts of the Crunchr development process. My main interest lies in the back of the development process, namely questions such as: how do you create a system that is quick and easy to operate and at the same time can handle all kinds of situations? My main focus is to keep the system scalable, stable and secure for our clients.

I think it is important to always think a step further than the practical elaboration during the improvement process of a tool: I do so by thinking about how the improvements will actually be used. Often projects can be simpler than first thought or they turn out to be a stepping stone to new features.

Besides my work, I like to test new technologies and work on small programming projects myself. I am a fan of the “Vim” text editor, for which I have written a number of plugins, and regularly participate in AI contests (where computer programs compete against each other) such as the ‘Starcraft Broodwar AI’ contest.