Dirk Jonker

Dirk Jonker

Founding Partner | Crunchr | people analytics

For over 10 years I have been advising companies on how to gain competitive advantage with the effective use of human capital, using people analytics. This led me to found Focus Orange and develop Crunchr, the online workforce reporting & people analytics solution, where I make people analytics accessible.

In my work I combine my actuarial background and 5 years of experience in multinational restructuring, six sigma process optimization and data governance. My expertise lies in strategic personnel planning and identifying top talent. I also investigate the use of artificial intelligence in the retention of talent and I continuously look for new ways to visualize data.

I am proud to share that in 2017 I was elected Actuary of the Year and in 2016 I was named by the Financieel Dagblad as an enterprising top talent. I think it is important to contribute to the new field of people analytics, which is why I regularly speak at conferences and I have founded the People Analytics Consortium.