Eko Loijenga

Eko Loijenga

Associate Partner

As a retirement consultant in heart and soul, I have built up a lot of retirement knowledge and experience over the past more than 40 years. Simply because I still find my profession incredibly fascinating, stimulating and exciting. I am happy to fully deploy this retirement knowledge and experience for my clients. My training as an actuary with a specialization in pensions and social insurance serves as an excellent basis for my advice.

Typical of my approach is that it is thorough, whereby I first take a deep dive to not overlook material issues. But next also to return to the surface again and then be able to make a good distinction between the things that really matter and that do not.

In addition to my work, I am active in the Royal Actuarial Society, in various functions. I also very much enjoy my weekends together with my wife (and regularly with our children and grandchildren) in our second home in Julianadorp aan Zee and I love gardening, tinkering but also a good conversation with a glass of wine at the fireplace.