Huck Nuchelmans

Huck Nuchelmans

Software Engineer | people analytics

As a software engineer at Crunchr, I often work at the front-end of the application. At the University of Utrecht I followed the Master’s program Game and Media Technology, which not only deals with the user experience – but also writing programs with high performance.

I strive to keep my codes clear and compact and pay close attention to details, and at the same time I try to use my creativity. I think it is important that others and I self can still understand my code in the future and that it is clear why certain decisions have been made.

In my spare time I like to work on small software projects. Other interests are language, typography and playing piano. Moreover, I am committed to my student association UHSV Anteros as a member of the arts and culture committee, and I am a board member of the board game dispute.