Jessica Rehe

Associate Partner | Total Rewards

In my work as consultant I help clients with issues that can be resolved by changing job structures, terms of employment or performance management. Usually the reason for the question is a concrete problem such as losing or not being able to attract talented employees, dissatisfaction among employees about the way in which they can grow, or the need to introduce cost-control measures.

Characteristic of my approach is that I always start from my motivation to improve existing things; what does not work, why does it not work and what does it take to change that? I am critical, but always solution oriented and find it a challenge to come up with innovative solutions or working methods for problems that are often not so new.

Besides my work I read much less books that I would like, I jump on my racing bike (especially in good weather) to train for an annual mountain track and I dare to say out aloud that I love puzzles and origami.