Manon Gerritsen

Manon Gerritsen

Senior Consultant | Total Rewards

As a consultant, I like to help clients in creating a practical total rewards strategy tailored towards the uniqueness of the organization that helps the organization achieve its goals.

In practice this means that I work together with organizations that have grown substantially or are changing their strategy. And because of this, are in need of guidance on their organizational structure, how their positions contribute to the overall strategy, how different elements of reward help stimulate the desired behavior and how performance management helps to manage expectations and develop employees.

In doing so, I strongly belief that taking different perspectives based on data and insights (and not just ‘hear say’), like the wishes and needs of the employer and preferences of employees, results into a distinctive, well-balanced, sustainable total rewards strategy. Which in the end helps the organization in attracting and retaining the right talent.

I get really happy from beautiful things, tasting special flavors and smelling sophisticated fragrances. This often translates into cooking and having meals in a relaxed atmosphere with family and friends. Next to that, I enjoy the wonders of nature, whether that is in my own garden, in another country or by watching a movie. Playing tennis is something I picked up a few years ago and never realized how much fun this is.