Myrthe Oosterhout

Myrthe Oosterhout

Senior Consultant

As a consultant, I guide employers and pension funds in the event of major changes in the pension commitment and/or implementation. Mainly because I like to make complex issues as clear as possible (or at least try to do so). I am always looking for “the question behind the question”.

Because pensions is a complicated subject for most people, I always try my best to make our advice as practical and clear as possible. Typical for my my approach is that I strive to be focused on what is really the “problem” that needs to be solved. This also means that I will not solve any non-existent problems – which may sound completely logical, but in practice does not always seem so obvious!

I like to play sports, preferably outdoors; cycling, mountain biking, skiing and hiking. Sometimes with mainly a sporting goal (the Elfstedentocht on the bike), but often enough (and preferably!) I combine a sporting activity with good food and good wine. The Italian Dolomites is my favorite!