Raymond Welmers

Raymond Welmers

Partner | total rewards

My job consists of helping employers get the most out of their HR investment; what do I as an organization invest in and why? Making the message as clear as possible, the employee value proposition to current and future employees and then the realization of it in Total Rewards: that is what I ultimately want to do.

To me, total rewards is not about technical context, or something that is determined by an external benchmark. I see it primarily as a powerful means to communicate the message of an organization to (future) employees. That is why co-creation is central in my approach: working towards a solution together with HR, trade unions, the Works Counsel and employees leads – without exception – to a more supported and qualitatively better end result. Furthermore, I want to work based on facts and insights from data analysis. And finally: why manually if it could be done more easily? Applying smart tooling, made to measure or using Crunchr, makes the process easier and our solutions more resistant. And above all: it makes our work even more fun.

For me, my work is often inspiring, sometimes demanding, but always satisfying. I can also find ultimate relaxation every week in the rehearsal room and occasionally on stage, as a singer of the band HandsFree.