Remco Kranenburg

Remco Kranenburg

Software Engineer | people analytics

As a software engineer at Crunchr, I mainly focus on the security of the product. The tasks range from updating systems, building shielded networks to organizing security training. With over ten years of freelance experience with front-end and back-end web development, I’m well at my place at Crunchr.

Since my Computer Science and High Performance and Distributed Computing studies, I have experience with cloud infrastructure, software testing, and an agile way of working. I am also interested in the developments of the front-end, the authentication system, the build system and automatic tests. I like to dive into a difficult problem, and despite setbacks, I never give up. The best moment is when you start seeing results after a year of work.

Besides my work I do a lot of sports: korfball, marathon training, bouldering, and my last experiment: pole dancing!